Chargepoint Login

A Complete Guide About Chargepoint Login

With a vast growth in technology the world always looks for new inventions and discoveries. Chargepoint makes Electric mobility easy. If you are among those preferring to get involved in the shift to electric mobility, then just proceed further and read this article. Since 2007, Chargepoint has focused exclusively on providing the best electric vehicle (EV) charging experience. Currently, there are 112,300 charging spots around the world, and 78.0 million charges delivered. You can get access to 80% of AC charging and 99% of DC fast charging in North America through a Chargepoint account.

Chargepoint Login

Chargepoint has 175 plus partners to strengthen its efforts and 60% of Fortune 50 companies are ChargePoint customers. They have a well-established portfolio of cloud services, hardware, and support with the latest technology in the business. You can use Chargepoint to charge any Electric Vehicle like delivery vehicles, buses, passenger cars, and others. The hardware employed by Chargepoint is UL and CE certified. This ensures complete safety to the users or clients. Chargepoint app and the home charger have top ratings. Moreover, Chargepoint offers 24/7 support to EV drivers around the world.

Register at Chargepoint

  • Go to the Chargepoint homepage and then click ‘Sign Up’ which is present on the top-right.Register at Chargepoint
  • It redirects you to the Chargepoint Sign Up page.
  • First, enter your name followed by the family name.
  • Then, enter your email address.
  • Input your username or the community name.
  • Then, you must enter the password, followed by the postal code.
  • Choose your country and then check the ‘I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service’ box.
  • Finally, check whether you have entered all the correct details and then click ‘Next’.

Follow all the steps and complete the Chargepoint registration or the sign-up.

Chargepoint Login

Once you have completed the sign-up process, you can use the Chargepoint Login to get access to your account.

  • You must enter the username or your email address in the first field.
  • Then, you must enter the password and click ‘Login’.
  • If you have entered the correct username and password you can log in to your account successfully.

How to reset your Chargepoint Password?

You can log in to your Chargepoint account only if you have a valid password. Else, you cannot access your account. Sometimes you might have lost your password or forgotten your password. Then, just follow the steps below to reset your Chargepoint password.

  • Visit the Chargepoint login page and then click the ‘Forgot Password’.reset your Chargepoint Password
  • You must enter your email address or your username and then click ‘Send’.
  • Chargepoint sends an email with a link to reset your password.
  • Open the email and click the link. Then, follow all the simple steps and you can quickly reset the password.

How to find a Chargepoint station?

Go to the Chargepoint home page and then click ‘Find Station’ which is present in the top-right. It redirects you to the Chargepoint map which shows all the locations where EV Charging Stations are available. If you want to use a free Chargepoint station, then check the ‘Free’ checkbox under the price tab in the left section of the page.

Chargepoint App

If you are an Android user then you can download the app from this link in Google Play. If you are an iPhone user then download the free Chargepoint App from this link. The Chargepoint app helps you to spot the stations that are available for charging. You can start the charge or stop the charge from the Chargepoint App. Moreover, the app helps you to receive notifications regarding your real-time updates.


Further, if you want to get more details then do visit the Chargepoint FAQ page. You can call Chargepoint Station Owner Support at toll-free number 1-877-850-4562. Another way to get the Chargepoint help is to visit this link and just fill up the details.

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