Citrix ShareFile Login -Download Now (2020)

In this article, learn how to Citrix ShareFile login. Citrix ShareFile is an all-in-one streamlined and secure file sharing application. With Citrix ShareFile you can securely share large files and it offers mobile access, file and folder syncing, and has an Outlook plugin. Citrix has designed ShareFile as a robust transfer tool that blends cloud sharing and sync with mirroring of storage from your servers and content stores. Above all, one of the distinctive advantages of Citrix ShareFile is that it offers a user-friendly interface which allows both novice and advanced users to share files in no time. Control and tracking tools allow monitoring which files are shared and who has access to view them.

Citrix ShareFile Login

Instead of hopping from network shares straight to a cloud service, ShareFile lets you fit in multiple storage services and then add share and sync to them. ShareFile lets you customize your online portal to match your company’s brand. This is important for preserving brand recognition when sharing documents with customers through a public link. Instead of a webpage with ShareFile’s logo and colors, your customers will get to view a page that furnishes your company’s logos and colors, reinforcing trust. The Citrix ShareFile team also provides a welcome demo to clarify the doubts for new users.

Citrix ShareFile Features

  • Send and receive documents within or outside the organization quickly and easily with added security.
  • Allows large file sharing up to 100GB thereby avoiding the use of USB drives.
  • Citrix ShareFile interface is available in different languages and thus it allows for multi-language support worldwide.
  • Facilitates users to lock a file while making changes and supports collaboration scenarios.
  • Permits to save the file locally and can access the file offline.
  • Highlight the custom brand and make an impression with clients.
  • Enables fast and easy alliance from any browser, computer or mobile devices, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Enables users to share medical images that can be seen without downloading.
  • ShareFile adopts 256-bit AES encryption for both transfer and storage. If a hacker gains access to the servers or the documents in transit, the files are worthless. It allows to remotely delete the files on a computer or laptop.

How to log-in to Citrix ShareFile

  1. Enter the URL of the company’s ShareFile account like ‘’ in any Web browser. The subdomain is usually the company’s name.

  1. First, enter the username associated with the account.

  1. Next, enter the password which you have chosen while creating the account and click ‘Sign In’’. It directs you to the dashboard menu.

If in case you don’t remember the password Click ‘Forgot Password’.

How to reset your ShareFile Login password?

  • Go to the login page of your Citrix ShareFile account and click on ‘Forget password’ which is below the sign-in option.

  • On the next step, enter your email address which you have entered during account registration. Then pass the test to confirm that you are a human.
  • Check your email and click the link to reset the password.
  • Enter your new password, make sure that your password contains upper-case and lower-case alphabets and at least one number.
  • Now, you can sign in with your new password.

Benefits of using Citrix ShareFile

The latest version of ShareFile has updated workflow options letting you send files out for signatures, feedback, and approvals. First, you must install the ShareFile Outlook plugin and there’s integration with Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to push document attachments straight away from Outlook to ShareFile, sharing those documents securely with others. There are novel desktop integrations, alike to those you’ll find in Dropbox, which let you do drop a file into a folder on your Mac and have it synchronized with ShareFile. Therefore, the file is available on all your devices.

As it was stated previously, ShareFile’s role doesn’t stop once the file is sent to the client or the customer. Citrix’s ShareFile stores it in a well-organized and searchable database, from where you can download it in the future according to your desired format, or resend it. The real catch, however, is being able to track that file after it arrives on the receiver’s address and check whether he/she has opened it or not. This feature is predominantly handy for accounts payable and accounts receivable teams, as they remove the opportunity to dispute delayed payment notifications. ShareFile File Versioning lets you retain and download multiple versions of a single file. Thus, this ensures that no changes will be lost between updates or edits.

Steps involved to download and install the ShareFile desktop app

You can download Citrix’s ShareFile from here, and it also displays a Dropbox Look and Feel Multi-platform, that is it has desktop apps, mobile apps for Windows/ Mac / iOS / Android. The ShareFile desktop app lets Windows users access and use ShareFile without opening a web browser and therefore it’s an easier way to share, access, request, download or upload your documents.

  • Go to your account page and click, ‘Apps’ which is present in the upper right corner.

  • Confirm that you are in the Windows section else please select Windows.
  • Find the Desktop App and choose Download.

  • A screen pops-up on your computer and you must click Run.
  • Next, accept the license agreement. Now, you must go through the setup wizard to select the installation location and complete the rest of the installation procedure.
  • After installing, when you start the Desktop App for the first time, it prompts you to enter your email and password. Enter the details and select Sign In.
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Finally, you have got some knowledge about Citrix’s ShareFile and now it’s time to use it. Visit the webpage to try ShareFile free for 30 days. After which you can choose your ShareFile plan according to your usage. Go to ShareFile Pricing page to get the details about each plan. ShareFile team provides free unlimited support. You can call at 1-800-441-3453 or +1-919-745-6111, submit a request to through your Citrix ShareFile account or you can search the knowledge base at

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