Clinic Tracker Login

A Complete Guide About Clinic Tracker Login

Are you looking for an application for your healthcare establishment? If yes, just read through to get some useful information.

Clinic Tracker Login

ClinicTracker Login is an integrated application that puts in order from intake to discharge. This practice management software system includes billing and EHR. ClinicTracker investigates whether your practice requires e-prescribing, robust feature set, other customization options. All the tools required to manage the clinic effectively come under one roof with ClinicTracker. To reach out to small practices, Clinic Tracker Login has a small business bundle which makes it feasible even for smaller clinics to use its customization and features.

It will systematize all your clinic routines, increase billing efficiency, and boost the productivity of the staff. While ClinicTracker focuses mainly on mental health and substance abuse agencies, they also offer complete packages for telehealth, social services, foster care agencies, equine-assisted therapy, family counseling services, university training clinics, and eating disorder clinics.

Features of ClinicTracker

  • Clinics can create their unique workflow and use it for documentation. This helps them to meet audit/compliance needs.
  • The clients can now make use of different time zones options available in the client portal and book appointments accordingly.
  • Safe video functionality is added which makes telehealth feasible.
  • Users can avail of the email and fax functionality within the ClinicTracker. But it might require an additional fee.
  • Smaller practices can benefit from ClinicTracker by making use of the options paying by claim or by the transaction.
  • Wide-ranging options for reporting and outcome tracking.
  • Availability of the library with many pre-stored templates
  • Flexibility to customize your own reports and patient forms.
  • Easy documentation with the help of tracking features in the workflow management system.
  • Feasibility to choose the deployment models whether cloud-based or locally installed.
  • Recurrent software updates to improve the service.
  • User-friendly implementation and excellent support services.

ClinicTracker login Procedure

Internet Explorer is the best browser preferred while using ClinicTracker. There is no need to download any extra applications if you use Internet Explorer.

  • Go to the ClinicTracker login
  • Enter the username and the password in the required fields.
  • Then, click on ‘Sign-In’.Clinic Tracker Login
  • In the Remote Applications page, various options like billing tracker, clinic tracker, remote documents, testing wizard, and log off are available. Click on the item according to your needs.Login Clinic Tracker Process
  • If in case you are not using internet explorer, then you must download the temporary RDP file.
  • Check on the ‘Don’t ask me again.’ checkbox and then click ‘connect’.Checkbox
  • If you see a dialog box, then you must re-enter the credentials again.Window Security
  • One must go through the above additional steps if other browsers are used except Internet Explorer.

ClinicTracker Staff Portal: Login steps

Visit the ClinicTracker Staff portal homepage.

Clinic Tracker Portal

Provide the ClinicID as the input and then click on, ‘Submit Clinic ID’.

The staff working in the clinic can access their required details using this option.

ClinicTracker Login User portal

In order to make users feel at ease, ClinicTracker features a user portal page. You can visit the page to know in detail about the various options available in this integrated software.

There is the step by step guides, training videos, implementation guide, tracker manual, builder manuals, and many other options. Make use of the FAQ section to solve the questions which arise on your mind.

Further, if you have any unsolved queries then one can make use of the ‘support request’. Fill in the fields in the form and then describe the problem followed by clicking on the submit button.

Submit a Support Request

Why choose ClinicTracker Login?

Install ClinicTracker within your own network or access via our hosting service. And ClinicTracker combines key components that are totally web-based. So, this ensures the hybrid solution is ideal.  As ClinicTracker is a windows-based software and runs in a desktop environment, it has many advantages. There are few examples that a complete web-based version cannot offer but ClinicTracker offers.

  • Well-organized navigation between the patient charts and other sections in the software.
  • One can work on multiple forms at the same time.
  • Perfect interface with external devices like scanners.
  • Options are available to preload the data. This enhances the access speed.

There are few limitations even in this excellent hybrid software. The main problem is that it is not as user-friendly on mobile devices. But it is a first-rated remote desktop/access application. Many users find it difficult to cope up with the multiple windows which open through the workflow. But if you are looking for software to handle your clinic workflow and present details in a logical manner then ClinicTracker is the best option.

Click here to Login to Clinic Tracker

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