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A Complete Guide About Clinicsource Login

What is ClinicSource Login?

ClinicSource Login is a therapy software solution that helps patients to save time and get the services quickly. It is cloud-based practice management covering therapy documentation, therapy scheduling, and therapy billing. With the advancement in the digital world, the ClinicSource Login has taken a step forward to serve its customers. So, it has launched the ClinicSource Login which helps customers to access their accounts easily. ClinicSource Login offers services like speech therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Mental Health, Applied Behaviour Analysis, and Paediatric Therapy.

Clinic Source

ClinicSource Login serves both clinics and customers. There are separate login pages to help them. First, we can take the clinic login page.

Clinic Portal Login

Visit the Clinic portal login page.

Clinic Portal Login

  • Enter the name of the clinic, followed by the username. Then, enter the password and click ‘Login’.
  • Make sure to keep your username and password secure. If you have forgotten your password then contact the ClinicSource Login support.

ClinicSource Login User Registration

To start using the user login, one must first register at the ClinicSource registration page.

Clinic Registration Page

Enter your personal details like first and last name, email address, and password.

Since it is the registration stage you must reenter your password for confirmation.

Then, click on ‘Register Me’.

Registering at ClinicSource Login is easy and one can move forward to the next step upon successfully completing the registration process.

ClinicSource User Login

You will receive the username and the password to your registered email address after completing the registration successfully.

Go to the ClinicSource User login page.

Clinic User Login

Enter your registered email address or username.

Type your password and click on ‘Sign In’. You can access your ClinicSource Login account once you have submitted all the details.

You can easily register and login to ClinicSource Login without making use of the ClinicSource Login user guide. Thus, this therapy management software is user-friendly.

How to reset your ClinicSource Login password?

The scenario of resetting your password may occur if you have lost your password accidentally or you might want to change the password for security purposes.

  • Click on ‘Forgot Password’ in the ClinicSource Login page.
  • Clinic Forgot Passwod
  • In the next step, you must enter the registered email address with ClinicSource Login.
  • Then, click ‘Reset Password’. Now, a mail is sent to your registered email address. It contains a link to reset your password.
  • Using the link, you can successfully change your password.

Benefits of using ClinicSource Login

  • Users can make use of the ClinicSource Login documentation module and track their own actions.
  • Therapists are categorized based on their specialty which makes it easier for patients to contact.
  • Time-saving and effortless Therapy Practice Management Software.
  • Reporting templates are available for each type of therapy. Users can also customize the templates according to their needs.
  • The interface is designed to help therapists focus on their patients individually.
  • The scheduling module is also available to create bookings and schedule appointments in a few clicks.
  • Reminder options for an appointment are also available. This ensures that you don’t miss any appointment. Users can set the frequency of the email reminders.
  • One can receive the payments in any form like credit cards or e-checks. Likewise, the invoices and claims are efficiently and quickly generated.
  • The user-intuitive reporting feature helps to communicate faster.

ClinicSource Login Support

ClinicSource Login provides excellent support to its users. If you have any unanswered questions or issues visit the ClinicSource Support page.

Clinic Support Page

  • Fill in the personal details like first and last name, email address.
  • Enter the company name, ClinicSource Login ID, and a small description relating to your problem.
  • Once you have completed entering all the details click on ‘Submit Ticket’.

Using this support page from ClinicSource Login one can find solutions to billing issues, sales issues, or general support related problems. You can also call (888) 215-4527 and contact ClinicSource Login. Apart from all these options, they also provide free chat options to help their customers.

Since our ClinicSource Login software is web-based, there’s no need to maintain or buy expensive servers and other security equipment. All the data in ClinicSource Login is well backed up, encrypted, and safe from online vulnerabilities. So, even when you face any sudden hardware failures all the data remains secure. By using ClinicSource Login you can spend more time with your patients and reduce all the documentation and other paper works. ClinicSource Login helps therapy clinics and therapists by its intuitive platform that streamlines all administrative tasks. One can avail of the Free Live Demo from ClinicSource Login to get a better insight into the software. Moreover, ClinicSource Login offers a 30-day free trial of the software. Grab the opportunity and make use of the ClinicSource Login therapy software solution.

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