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A Complete Guide About CTC Blackboard Login

What is CTC Student Blackboard Login?

CTC Student Blackboard Login helps students to log in and access the Central Texas College portal. The students can access all the projects available on the platform. The CTC Blackboard login was developed to aid students in spotting the required information and fetch any detail from the portal.

About Central Texas College

Central Texas College offers a distance education program and many degrees and certificates can be completed online. They address virtually all the needs and help the student succeed. Few of the programs offered by CTC are adult continuing education, vocational-technical, an array of associate degrees. CTC graduates receive a quality education which makes the college rank 15th in the country.

Students can visit the CTC homepage and then go to the blackboard link or they can directly visit the CTC Student Blackboard Login.

ctc blackboard login

Central Texas College Backboard Portal Login

Students can easily get access to the Central Texas College portal by just following the steps below,

  1. Visit the link to get started.ctc blackboard login
  2. Now, you have landed on the portal page. The next step requires input details from the student.
  3. Students must enter the username and the password of their account.
  4. Then click on, ‘Login’.

Blackboard Username Lookup

Are you worried about how to get your username?

It is simple and easy, just visit the Blackboard Username LookupBlackboard Username Lookup

Students must enter the personal details like first name, last name, date of birth, last four digits of the social security number. Then students must check in the ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox. Finally, click on the “Find My Username”.

By following the above steps, students can get their usernames directly emailed to the emails.

Initially, the username is lowercase c followed by the student’s seven-digit Central Texas College ID. If required, students can add leading zeros to reach seven digits. Mostly, the original password is the student’s date of birth in numeric format: 2-digit month, 2-digit day, and last two digits of the year: mmddyy.

Example of the Blackboard Username:

The inputs are,

Central Texas College ID-7654321

Date of Birth-May 6, 1978

Now, for the above inputs, the Blackboard Username and the password will be,

Username: c7654321

Password: 050678

When students are using Central Texas College for the first time, they must follow the above procedure. Then, they can change the password to keep their Blackboard account safe and secure.

How to change the Central Texas College Blackboard password?

For the purpose of security, it is mandatory to change the password. This ensures that your account is safe. In order to reset the password, one must follow these steps,

  1. Visit the CTC Blackboard login page, click the Reset Password link.
  2. Students can use this link to create a new password or to reset it if you forget your current password.
  3. In the next step, students must enter their names along with the username or email.
  4. An email will be sent to your CTC email address which is the Blackboard account.

Thus, one can reset the password of the CTC Blackboard account easily.

How to create a secure password in the Central Texas College portal:

Make sure the password you create is at least 8 characters in length. Passwords should contain upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols, or special characters. Students can opt to use phrases as an alternative for single-word passwords. By following these conditions one can be confident of creating a secure password in the CTC login process.

What to do while facing a technical issue while trying to log in?

Students can make use of the “Contact Us” page to get details on Blackboard Technical Support. Another option is to call 1-866-350-4729 for Blackboard Support. Users can also email to [email protected]. With so many options available to get aid, students don’t need to search for third-party vendors or methods to get their issues solved.

Benefits of Central Texas College Blackboard

 It helps students to stay on track with free resources that are available for them. They can benefit from using the free tutoring via Blackboard. Most importantly, students can access their courses three days before the course start date.


Visit the CTC homepage and explore all the opportunities. They provide more than 500 courses and 60 degrees and certifications which can be completed online.  It is committed to providing standard, affordable, and accessible education. Follow the steps mentioned above to easily log in to the CTC Blackboard and get access to your account.

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