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How to Expert TA Login- Review and Cost Guide (2019)

In this article we discuss how to login to Expert TA. Expert TA LLC is an online-based system which offers homework and tutorials for introductory physics. This commercial system helps both educators and students. Expert TA focuses to improve student learning and teaching results by providing a human-like grading competence, tailored hints and tips, and unique problems. If you need to master any subject then you must first start solving the problems. By doing so, you become an expert in that field. Here, Expert TA aims to provide the best tools required to solve the entire problem. Just visit the website and enjoy the best learning experience!!Expert TA Login

Features of Expert TA

Availability of partial credit grading -If a student’s answer is wrong then Expert TA compares it with the correct answer. Even minute mistakes are accurately identified and suitable deductions are made. In this way, the student can locate the exact place where he/she has made a mistake.

Provide Feedback Examples- Expert TA provides direct feedback in reply to the student’s error. In addition to the hints, this online commercial system can recognize mathematical equivalents. So, the students get a feedback irrespective of their format of the answer.

Bunch of symbolic questions– Uniqueness of Expert TA is its library which furnishes many symbolic questions. Physics deals with many symbolic expressions so Expert TA has an equation entry palette which allows students to input expressions easily.

Managing the Assignments– The instructor has complete control over the assignments. They can enable or disable the hints option which is available to the students. Grade preferences and the number of submission attempts can be varied for every assignment.

Generation of Grade Reports– Expert TA creates a document with information about student’s work, their errors, and points deducted. This real-time updated report serves as a study guide for the students.

Class-Management-Educators can simply share access, grade preferences, assignments, and reports making it easier to work together or team teach.

Analytics- Expert TA collects information regarding student and educator’s interaction with the system. Then it analyses and generates a meaningful report. This technique helps instructors to keep a track of the student’s progress.

Problem Library– The Independent Library at Expert TA comprises of both a textbook-independent collection of individually assessed, unique problems written by talented problem authors and problems from OpenStax College’s free textbook, College Physics. Expert TA constantly adds problems to the Independent Library to provide its instructors with more choice. In the current scenario, with increasing tuition fee and other costs, students need reasonably priced textbooks. Being partnered with OpenStax College, Expert TA offers an integrated textbook option in addition to our Independent Library. OpenStax textbooks are free online and their content is of high quality.

You can easily use the ‘Request Expert TA Demo’ option to get in-depth knowledge about its features and how it can help you. Make sure to check Colorado Technical University Online Login 

How to use Expert TA?

Initially, you must register yourself to be a part of Expert TA. After registration, you can easily log in to Expert TA to experience its features.

Student’s Registration: Step-by-step procedure

  1. First, visit the Expert TA’s registration page and input your class code details provided by the instructor.

  1. Enter a valid email address, this will serve as your username for Expert TA login.

  1. Choose a strong password containing upper and lower characters, numbers, and at least one special character.

  1. Enter your personal information like first name, last name, and student ID number. Read the terms and conditions and then click continue.
  2. Next, it directs you to the check-out page and you must complete the payment process.

  1. Click on ‘Credit card’ and it re-directs to a secure payment webpage.
  2. This completes the registration process and you can now use Expert TA and have access to its tutorials.

Log-In to Expert TA

Once you have registered with Expert TA you can easily log in and start using its features.

  • Click the link to visit the Expert TA login page. Enter the username and click on ‘Next’. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  • In case you have entered a wrong email id, or have forgotten your password then you can contact [email protected].

Expert TA: Review

Expert TA learning tools are affordable and effective, designed to reinforce the problem-solving process. Recently, Expert TA has added Freebody diagrams and vector drawing environment which has taken this online homework system very close to the homework on paper.

Expert TA Astronomy

First of all, Expert TA was famous for its online physics homework systems. But now, it also provides a comprehensive set of automatically graded homework questions for Investigating Astronomy. Students use Expert TA Astronomy as a ‘Complete Homework Solution’ to improve their knowledge in the field of astronomy. This Astronomy offering from Expert TA will leverage several key features, including hints and feedback, automatic grading, advanced graphical questions, and a whole academic integrity tool suite.

Expert TA: Cost

logo Expert TA

Expert TA provides pricing that is simple and fair. Students pay $32.50 for single-semester admission to Expert TA with a lifetime cap of $65.00, irrespective of drops or retakes. Other options like quarterly pricing and high school rates, in addition to a 14-day free trial option, are also offered. For further information please visit the Product page.

Expert TA: Return Policy

Expert TA offers refunds and exchanges under certain circumstances. Make sure you follow the procedure to avail the refund. Refunds can be done within 30 days from the first day of the current semester. You can contact Expert TA via email at [email protected] and please make sure to include 16-character access code in the email. For further details, regarding the return policy please contact +1 877-572-0734.

If you have any queries just visit the FAQ section and the Expert TA blog section. Expert TA has contributed to the field of online education and the development of digital learning resources. Above all, you must have a look at the products of Expert TA and you will know why this online homework system takes the top spot. Therefore, this easy-to-use homework system helps students to get extra practice outside of class.

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