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A Complete Guide About Onepay Login

Onepay Login is a leading payment processing company based in Vietnam. The one pay was established in 2006. Onepay is a payment processing company that provides payment gateway, payment processing, merchant service and much more. From 2007 one pay is giving workers a fast, easy and efficient way to gate payment when they are in the UK.

Onepay Login

Table of content:

  • Onepay registration
  • How to active your card and get the pin?
  • How to login in onepay?
  • How to see account balance and monthly statement?
  • Customer help


Onepay Login Registration

To register on onepay login you should know that your employer or agency is an approved onepay agent and you have to apply through your employer or agency. If you do not know that your employer or agency is an approved agent, don’t worry, you can apply by filling up a form and onepay will keep in touch with you. ( Click on this link if you want to fill the form. In this form, you have to give some simple information like name, email, current agency and employer, agency address, etc.

onepay registration

Onepay will give you a onepay card and account whenever you open an account with onepay. Once you open an account with onepay you can set up access to the onepay portal. You can access the online portal by your onepay card details and your 10 digit customer number. If you have registered an email or mobile number with onepay you have to enter that email or mobile number whenever you register. You can use onepay debit card at ATMs worldwide where MasterCard is accepted.

How to activate your card and get the pin of OnePay Login? 

To activate your onepay card and for your Pin code to have your card with you and call onepay’s customer call center on “0113-320-1900” but remember that you should have your card when you call. Then select your language and the activation or hear you pin option by your mobile keypad.

And then follow the instructions provided by the call center after that your onepay card will activate you can hear your pin. This service is 24/7 available. If you forgot your pin or want to set a new pin, you can use this service at any time. The activation of your onepay card is also available on the onepay’s online portal or you can use onepay’s app.

Onepay also sends you a copy of your pin in the next 2 or 3 days after activation of your card by the post.

How to login in onepay?

Login into onepay account is as easy as you can register through your onepay approved employer or agency. First of all, go to Onepay’s official site and register your account with your onepay card on onepay’s official site. Then it is very easy to log in.

  • First, visit the official site of onepay and click on the login button shown on the upright side.
  • Because of onepay is moving to MasterCard they can ask you to switch if you are a visa card user but if you don’t want then just select “login with my visa card” and if you want to switch then click the switch now button and follow the steps.
  • If you use MasterCard then select “Login with my Master Card”
  • Then type your 10 digit customer ID shown in the bottom of your card and password and if you forgot your password click on the “forgot password” and reset your password by your user ID.

If you are still having trouble login then you can call onepay’s call center on “0113-320-1900” for assistance. You can also download the onepay app from the play store for login on your android and apple phone.

How to see account balance and monthly statement?

You can call at Onepay’s call center to quickly check your balance. Call At the call center on “0113-320-1900” and select your language and choose the check balance option by using your keypad. They will ask for your customer ID and date of birth for security. You can also check your balance at cash machines but onepay may take charges for it so the call center is the best option.

You can also see your monthly statement after login into the onepay’s online portal or onepay’s mobile app but make sure you have entered your regular email address. Onepay will send you an email notification when your monthly statement is available to view online.

Customer help

If you have any complaints regarding login, account balance and any other issues, you can provide information about your complaint to onepay with your full name, address, and your onepay customer number. Onepay will try to resolve it within three days after receiving the complaint.

You can call on “0113-320-1900” for making a complaint or you can write an email to onepay.

 Email address: [email protected]

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