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Origami Owl Login- Process Step by Step

In this article, how you can login to Origami Owl. Origami Owl is a trinket company that allows you to buy and sell custom “fashionable, fun, and significant” jewelry. The company maintains thousands of Autonomous Designers who present jewelry parties (known as Jewellery Bars). This allows consumers to have an up-close and personal opportunity to view the ornaments and other products. Designers buy the tools and materials from Origami Owl and sell these goods to individuals, mostly at in-house sales parties. Thus, the Independent Designers use this opportunity to gain commission from every single sale.Origami Owl Login

In 2010, 14-year old Isabella found Origami Owl. It is based out of Chandler, AZ. This American multi-level marketing custom jewelry company operates in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. In the year 2013, Origami Owl generated $250 million in revenue and had a B+ rating. Based on research, it looks like the most frequent complaints mention difficulty returning/exchanging products and poor-quality items. “Living Locket” is one among the prominent products as it captures your story. It is a clear-faced hollow pendant which can be packed with a variety of charms that are designed to tell a story.

What makes Origami Owl unique from other multi-level marketing companies?

There are numerous distinct products like small trinkets, necklaces, Origami Owl rings, Origami Owl charms, Origami Owl crystals, Origami Owl bracelets, and other items, that you can choose to promote.

Origami Owl Starter Kit

Types of Origami Owl kit,

  • Basic Kit – $99
  • On-the-Go Kit – $49
  • Owlette Kit (for young entrepreneurs) – $99
  • Business Builder Kit – $199

To begin working you must buy a kit, the cheapest kit is priced at USD 49. This is the standard kit that gives you a collection of tools. It also includes a set of products to promote, training material, and other guides. The Origami Owl starter kit is shipped to your doorstep. You can then start outselling the goods by with the help of the marketing advice. Thus, you can start earning commissions. Normally, your Origami Owl starter kit will ship within 1-2 business days. It will be delivered via UPS within 2 business days once shipped.

When your kit arrives, make sure to unpack it at once. This assures that you have received all the contents, and nothing is missed out. While you wait for your kit, you can log in to your Designer Backoffice by entering your Designer ID and password. Depending on the level, each kit comprises of training material and free tools. These are termed “Tools for Success” and contain a comprehensive range of items. They include order forms, postcards, take out menus, flyers, and other advertising stuff; mainly offline marketing material. You can make use of the ‘Compare the Kits’ option to know which kit suits your needs.

Use this link to gain knowledge about how to navigate your back office.

Origami Owl: Create an account

First, you must register to create an Origami Owl account.

  • Visit the Registration link and enter your first and last name.
  • Then, you must enter a valid email address followed by a strong password.
  • Check in the ‘Terms of use and privacy policy’ box and then finally click on ‘Create an account’.

Origami Owl: Login

  • Now that you have completed creating an account, you can log in to Origami Owl easily.
  • Click on the Origami Owl Login link and enter your customer email id or the designer id.

  • Enter your password and click on ‘Login’.
  • You can use the ‘Remember me’ option if you are using a personal computer and a private network. If you use a shared network, please uncheck the option.
  • If you have entered a wrong password then you can make use of the ‘Forgot your password’ option.

  • Choose whether you are a customer or a designer and then follow the onscreen steps that follow.

Origami Owl Lanyard

Related image

Let your Jewelry collection grow with this Origami Owl Lanyard chain. If you want to but a wheat Lanyard Origami Owl chain then visit this link.

Image result for origami owl lanyard types

Origami Owl eternity lanyard is available to provide you that fancy look in your office. Just clip the Id card to it and You are Fashionable!

Image result for origami owl badge holder

Origami Owl badge holders are also available to help professionals.

Image result for origami owl teacher lanyard

You can also gift your teacher with an exclusive Origami Owl teacher lanyard.

Origami Owl Harry Potter

Are you a die-hard Harry Potter fan?

Then, just pop in to discover the magic!! Yes, Origami Owl Harry Potter is available. Visit the Origami Owl Harry Potter collections and just have a look at all the available Harry Potter Gift sets. Origami Owl Harry Potter charms are so mesmerizing! You can fully customize the Origami Owl Jewelry fit with Harry Potter floating charms.

Make use of the Origami Owl Harry Potter Starter kit and enter the magical world. You can just capture your personality in a customizable living locket.

Origami Owl Discounts

You can avail Origami Owl discounts using the promo codes. Origami Owl coupons and Origami Owl promo codes (August 2019) are available. Just click the above links to know about the latest available deals and save money.

Origami Owl Shipping

Origami Owl Shipping is a stage in the process to join the Origami Owl Team. First, you must enter your Country followed by your address. Then you must enter the city, state, and the zip code. Once you have entered all the details click on ‘Continue’. Options are also available to use your primary address as the shipping address.

If you have any doubts or unanswered queries then you can make use of the Origami Owl FAQs. In case your received order items are missed or damaged then you can make use of Return Request Form.

First, enter your order number and then your zip code. It should be reported 30 days of shipping date. If there is any manufacturing damage, then you can submit the claim within 90 days from the shipping date. You can make use of Origami Owl contact page to establish a communication with them. In addition to that, you can call Origami Owl at (888) 491-0331.

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