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uAttend Login -Employee and Company sign in Page (2020)

If you are seeking for best option to track time and attendance in your office then this one is for you. Here we will discuss the uAttend a cloud-hosted time and attendance system’s features, it’s pricing, process of sign-up and login. We all are seeking an option that tracks time and attendance in the office.uAttend Login

Uattend is a cloud-hosted system that doesn’t require any special software to install or maintain. It can be accessed online through any computer without any hindrances. Its clearly labeled interface makes it easy to use and maintain. Every business needs to track the time and attendance regularly whether it is the small or medium business. And one of the important features that everyone is looked upon is the efficiency of handling time-related needs. Likewise smaller companies can’t afford to buy software for every separate task. After all this, they want to make the time-tracking process as simple as possible. Below we will discuss its features and know-how it affects business.

UAttend Features and portal Login

One of the best features of UAttend is that it offers users multiple ways to clock-in and out, including via wall-mounted time clocks, internet-connected computers, mobile devices and by telephone.

And another nice thing about this system is that employees can punch in and out from any of the options at any time.

Another plus system of it is that it can be able to use actual time clocks. Likewise, many other systems we looked into for every small business do not work with traditional time clocks.

One of the exciting features is that the time clock that it offers can work with PIN codes, ID badges, and Biometrics and this biometrics option can utilize fingerprint and facial recognition.

The Clocks of UAttend are extremely easy to set up. For example, you can plug the clock into the power outlet and connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi or LAN. An important thing about this feature is Ethernet-cable can directly connect to your system while the Wi-Fi clocks connect wirelessly.

In UAttend all the clocks come with the lifetime guarantee. If one of the clocks stops working then you can call customer support that can troubleshoot the issue and send a replacement for free if it cannot be fixed.

This comes with an alert feature in which it alerts supervisor, manager, or administrator through mail when an employee reaches the overtime. And alerts also notify when employees clock in and clock out late or early.

Now we all know about the feature of UAttend and now know how it affects the business. Now we will know about its prices and the process of login and sign up.

UAttend Starting Price

It membership plans are based on the range of employees, basically, there are five different plans-

  • 1-9 employees: $20 per month
  • 10-19 employees: $34 per month
  • 20-49 employees: $59 per month
  • 50-99 employees: $94 per month
  • 100+ members: $119 per month

These structures are very useful and can help smaller businesses to control their costs. For example, if you 7 employees and decide to bring eighth then your cost will remain the same under this excellent fee structure.

All membership in UAttend is every month there is no contract feature on the behalf on it. You can cancel it with in the first 30 days then you will receive a complete refund.

Their excellent price feature makes them unique in this perception of the business. Now we will all know about the process of sign up and UAttend Login.

UAttend Sign up Process

For the signup process, you can make yourself registered through the browser or you can download UAttend application from play store. If you want to sign up then follow the below instructions-

  • You can click the link UAttend Sign Up or simply go through the mobile application and click the sign-up button.
  • When you click the button or the link then you can see the page the same as below.

uattend login for employees

  • Here you have to fill up Your Dealer ID there and click sign up.

Above is the process of sign up and after this, you can use the excellent features of UAttend.

Now we will discuss the UAttend Login Process and how to login in it in just a few simple steps.

Uattend Login Process

For the login process, you can simply click the link or you can simply use your application that you download from the play store.

  • Click the link UAttend Login or if you use it in play store then simply click the login button there.
  • When you click the link then you can see the page the same as below.

uattend login for customers

  • Here you have to fill up your email so that UAttend can find your email in their database and afterward you can log in in the UAttend dashboard.

Above are the processes of Sign up and Login. Now we all are known about the features, pricing and sign up and login process of UAttend. And know we will discuss the Customer service of UAttend.

UAttend Customer Service

You can call them or contact them via email, phone and live chat from 9:00 Am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday. And the system itself has a built-in help guide like the system offers a step-by-step guide on how to use the software. This guide helps by assisting on different topics, including how to set up the time clocks, add employees to the system, create schedules and generate labor data reports.

UAttend Limitations

There are few Limitations of UAttend is there, like the company doesn’t offer the free trial of its platform whereas some other software offers a free trial.

UAttend Reviews

When it is about UAttend Reviews it has great feedbacks by the customer and who uses it presently to build their business carrier. Due to their features, it has positive reviews from all around. The customer gives them 4.5 stars rating out of 5 Star due to its overall performance. And 5 stars out of 5 stars for their customer support.


After seeing all the features and its pricing it is an excellent platform that offers excellent service to track the time in just a few simple steps with great price offers. And one of the best things is that if you don’t like it then you can simply cancel it and get a full refund without any hindrances. And it also has some limitations regardless it has quite impressive features.

Click here to Login to Uattend Portal

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