United Intranet Login -How to Check Employee Benefits (2020)

In this article we discuss how to login to United Intranet. United Airline is one of the top airlines across the world. It is headquartered at Chicago’s Willis Tower. Operating on domestic, as well as international routes, it has a large number of customers traveling with it every day. It boasts about connecting people and uniting the world. The company makes sure that travelers experience nothing but comfort all throughout their journey.United Intranet Login

United Airlines makes sure that its family is as diverse as the community it is serving. It represents every background and belief. They have a long list of employees and to manage them well, the company has introduced a portal for the employees, United Intranet.

United Intranet has been developed just for the employees. They will be able to log into the site to secure information about the company and the things related to their job. It is like a network within the company. With the help of this, crew members will be able to log into the online portal for the human resource related work. It is a highly secure portal and you do not have to worry about details being stolen.

What are the Benefits Enjoyed by United Skynet Employees?

united airlines intranetThe employees of United Airlines will be able to avail different travel privileges and benefits through crew login.

  • Future Finance: As an employee, you will be able to enroll yourself to the 401K plan. This offers financial security in the future.
  • Professional Development: The Company always focuss on developing the skills of the employees to help with personal growth.
  • Insurance: You will also receive various kinds of insurance benefits including dental, vision, and life and long-term disability insurance.
  • Bonus: It believes that the employees are their backbone and ensure success. This is the reason they reward them through the profit-sharing of the company.

Things You Need to Log in to United Intranet

There are a few things that you need for the United Intranet UAL com login. Without the following items, you will not be able to log in.

  • A secure and strong internet connection. Slow internet will result in slower page loading time.
  • A browser that is up to date. This is irrespective of what browser you are using.
  • The correct User ID and password.

How to Log into United Intranet?

If you are an employee of United Intranet and want to log into the site, there are certain steps that you will have to follow. These have been mentioned below.

  • Visit the official site. To go to the official site click on www.ft.ual.com.
  • It will open a page where you will have to put in the User ID and the password.
  • Next to these boxes, you will find a yellow button that says ‘Login’. Click on this to log into the account.

Note: If you are having trouble logging into the account, you should check the entered URL. Also, check the credentials that you have entered.

How to Log in United Intranet through Your Mobile?

In case you have access the employee account of United Airlines using phone, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Open the browser on your mobile phone.
  • Go the employee portal of United Airlines by clicking on flyingtogether.ual.com.
  • Insert the required details which are the User ID and password.
  • Tap on the button that says ‘Log In’ to get access to the account.

You will not require a United Intranet login app for this.

What to Do When You Have Forgotten the Password to Skynet United Airlines Portal?

Have you forgotten your password to the online employee account of United Skynet? There is no need to worry. You can easily be able to reset following the few steps given below.

  • Go to the official United Intranet UAL com weblist to log in. To visit the official page click on flyingtogether.ual.com.
  • Insert your User ID in the respective box.
  • Click on the option ‘Employee’ below the boxes to get help with password reset.
  • Thereafter, you will get a link in your email to reset the password.

In case you are a non-united pass rider and have forgotten password, you need to follow the steps enumerated below.

  • Click on flyingtogether.ual.com for opening the login page.
  • Click on Non-United Pass Rider.
  • You will be taken to a page where you will have to put in the User ID.
  • Now, click on the option that says ‘Submit’.

What are the Security Measures You Need to Take?

If you are accessing your employee account on a public computer, you should log out from the portal prior to leaving the system to be used by someone else. It is for your privacy and safety. For added safety, make sure that the browser window is closed when you are done with your work with the account. At times, the browser asks you to save the password while you log in. avoid clicking on ‘Yes’ when you are accessing it on a public computer.

How to Get in Touch with the Customer Support Team of United Intranet?

Are you have problems with your United Skynet account? Have you encountered some other problem? If you need some assistance with United Intranet Login Issues, you can easily get in touch with the customer service of United Intranet.

Go the official page and at the top, you will find the option ‘Contact Us’. Click on this to be taken to contact page. Here, you will find a long list of options, choose the one that you need assistance with to get in touch with the right team.united internet logo

There is also a FAQ section that you can refer to learn about some common queries. In case you have a disability, scroll down to find an option to get in touch with the Accessibility Desk of United for login problems. This is available 24/7.


Logging into the account of United Intranet is no big deal. All you have to do is follow the login steps. Once you have access, you will be able to avail the benefits that it has to offer. United cares for its employees and makes sure that they have a seamless experience accessing and managing the employee benefits.

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