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Webpt Member Login-Physical Therapy Scheduling Software (2020)

Here we will discuss what WebPT is? It features the WebPT member Login process and about their support. It a phoenix, Arizona based company which provides web-based electronic medical records. This electronic record system is also known as EMR a system that is for the physical therapist. It also offers systems for billing, scheduling and practice management. Up to 2015 from its founding date, more than 43,000 rehabilitation professionals in over 7,000 clinics used this WebPT’s system. In 2013-14 it was list in the 500 fastest-growing private U.S companies. By Phoenix business journal it was among one of the” Best Places to Work in The Valley”.Webpt Member Login

The company reported a three- year growth rate of 1,316 percent in October 2014 and this makes it the fastest-growing company in Phoenix.

History of WebPT

It was founded in 2008 by Heidi Jannenga and her ex-husband, Bard Jannenga. She had a physical therapy practice which helped the spark of the idea for the software. Her husband was once president and CTO and now she (Heidi) is the president. Brad was removed from the position of president by the Battery Ventures because they voted to remove Brad from his role as president.Webpt logo

This starts up in 2010 receives a $1 million funding round from Canal Partners which led by Jim Armstrong. In 2014 WebPT receive an undisclosed fund from the Battery Ventures and Ventures Capital.

In 2014 WebOutcomes are also acquired by WebPT; it is an online tracking tool offering evidence-based tests that physical and occupational therapists used to collect objective data of a patient.

WebPT also launched the WebPT market place, an eCommerce website in 2013. An eCommerce website which has the goal of selling clinical supplies to WebPT customers reduced rates. In February 2015 the company announced a partnership with the SOLS, a manufacturer of 3D printed foot orthotics.

Above is the history of WebPT now further we will discuss its benefits we will also know about the login process.

An Overview of WebPT Benefits

These product lines consist of EMT, Scheduling, Billing, and outcomes modules and help clinics to stay compliant and maintain documentation accurately and defensible. One of the best features of it is that it allows working on the go and it increases efficiency by putting information at fingertips. It also allows a user to document, billing and scheduling at any time and from anywhere using a device of their choices. WebPT offers software updates on the free of cost and ensures that the clinics are running at the most recent version without any intervention from the users.

Their EMR module helps the clinics and their operators to document efficiently and create compliant, accurate and complete documentation regarding OTs, PTs, and SLPs. This kind of documentation includes initial evaluations, daily notes, and progress notes and also with discharge summaries. This software has also the capabilities of mailed and faxed directly to the system. It also consists of back level encryption and automatic backups because this software takes security seriously. It simplifies Medicare compliances through their integrated functional limitation reporting, 8-minute rule calculations and therapy cap tracking and CCI edit alerts are also available.

It has the facility to send patient reminders via email, text or phone. Through their eDoc feature, external files can also be uploaded directly into the system or patient charts, including diagnostic images, physician referrals, intake forms, signed plans of care and much more. Their billing system is directly connected with the documentation for accurate and timely submissions of claims which ultimately results in improved and consistent cash flow.

Their OutComes tracking software is particularly useful for rehab therapist and it also helps to optimize clinical and other business operations. It also has the facility to collect feedbacks from the patient who helps to maintain better service quality and helps identify trends that help in plan accordingly. WebPT’s performance metrics can be compared with the national averages and other benchmarks for better performance monitoring.

From the above discussion you all are clearly understood about WebPT, how it works and also about their benefits and how they help clinics to maintain their work efficiency. Further, we will discuss WebPT Member login and how to reset its passwords. So read the below section carefully and we will also know about its customer support.

WebPT Member Login

If you are WebPT registered member and don’t know and want to login to WebPT then this section is only for you because it helps to find the step to step instructions for WebPT Member Login. So read the below instructions carefully so that you easily login in WebPT Member Account-

  • First of all, open your browser and visit a specified web address- webpt or you can simply click on the link Click Here.
  • When you click the link then you will see the page same as mentioned below.

  • Here you have to fill up the required credentials.
  • Fill up all the credentials carefully otherwise it shows error message again and again.
  • Her you have to fill your username the same you fill-up during the registration process.
  • After that fill your password the same as the registration process.
  • After all this click on Login WebPT.
  • Now you are on your account dashboard.
  • Also check other thearpy software like – therapy portal sign in

If you forgot your password and have no idea to do it then read the below section carefully and follow the instructions carefully.

WebPT Member Password Reset

  • To reset passwords follow the same website or simply visit the link WebPT Member Login.
  • Now click on forgot the password.

  • Enter your mail address so that WebPT can send you the password reset link.
  • Follow the steps of instructions as shown in your mail and retrieve your password successfully.

WebPT Customer Support

If you want to contact WebPT and cannot find a way to contact them then this can help you a lot. Here we provide you the WebPT customer Support Number so that you can solve your queries easily.

Contact- 866-221-1870


Due to their feature, it is quite an impressive management system for your documentation and manages other assets. It can manage remotely from anywhere at any time. And their customer support is also quite impressive. Check reviews from other users who already use it and after that make a decision according to your choice because every clinic has a different way of working.

Click here to Login to Webpt

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