Western Oregon University login

Western Oregon University login

Western Oregon University Login Guide. Western Oregon University is a non-profit public university for higher education which located in Monmouth, Oregon, USA. This university established in 1856 and its present president Rex Fuller. The Western Oregon University is also known with its nickname Wolves with the mascot of Wolfie. It recognized by the Northwest Commission on university and colleges.

Western Oregon University login

Western Oregon University gives various graduate programs, teaching programs, and other majors’ courses and programs that lead to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees in several fields of study. The admission process based on the performance in the entrance examinations and the candidate’s past year’s marks or grades. Apart from US-citizens, international students from other countries are also eligible to apply for enrollment.

Currently, the total academic staff is 452 and its administrative staff is about 427 with a total number of student 5185 in which 4648 students are from Undergraduate course and rest 537 students are from Postgraduate courses. This university provides more than 50 different subjects in terms of Graduate program and teaching program. The best popular programs to study in Psychology, Criminal Justice, Business studies, exercise science, and many more.

Western Oregon University Online Portal

First thing you have to do is just registered yourself from getting into the official website of Western Oregon University and if you are already registered with western Oregon university portal, then signing in to your account is very easy.

  • First, visit the official site of Western Oregon University and from there just click on the portal button.
  • From there the site will take you to its portal homepage where you need to log-in with your username or email and your password.
  • When you finish your details of entering username and password in the field that you have placed during registration and then just click on the log-in button.

This online Portal will use the single sign-in window and allow you to access to the most Western Oregon University’s online portal where you access to its most the university’s programs from a single customizable menu of the portal.

Graduate Programs

The graduate program in Western Oregon University will give you a various choice of selections line M.S in education, management and information system, special education, BA, BS, BM, BFA, and many other courses for both educators and the leaders in other fields.

Western Oregon University how to login on computer labs

To get access to the login on computer labs of Western Oregon University, the university needs to use your SSN or SEVIS number without using dashes to verify your admission or enrollment status and status of your employment before getting login to computer labs. If you are an international student with a SEVIS number, please enter that SEVIS number instead of SSN.

After filling your SSN or SEVIS number, enter your last name and date of birth with the help of slashes, then enter the captcha as mentioned on the portal and click on the submit button. Once your submission process complete, you can easily able to retrieve your v-number. You won’t need to enter your SSN every time unless you use this system to get some changes in your password.

Technical Education

Western Oregon University offers technical education in the field of Information Technology. They will provide the masters of Science in Education of information technology with its core courses with 9-hours of information technology core and 9-hours of the professional core.

Once you take admission in Master in Information Technology program, you will work with an advisor of this coursed to plan the courses you will take and how to complete the academic requirements of this technical education program. You can also print the course listing if you need it.

Special Education

This course will design for the students who want to become teachers after teaching K-12th grade and preparation for administration and doctoral program who work with students with conditions of mild or severe disabilities. The Masters in Science of Special Education is the best choice for them. The students who enroll for this course and get completed successfully this program with a duration of 2 years that fulfil the requirement of the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission and are get eligible for teaching in special education licensure in Oregon.

Teaching Programs

The Students of WOU who hold a bachelor degree in any discipline and candidates for the MAT program at Western Oregon University can able to their initial license to teach one and half years depends on the program type whether it’s a degree program or an online program. Your Oregon teaching program certification will prepare you to teach in elementary, middle schools, high schools depending on your degree that you hold in a discipline.

How to Apply

Submit your application for the program you interested with passing certificate of MAT/GRE, having CGPA of 2.50 to 2.99 in undergraduate courses, Bachelor degree completed before the first term of admission. Having a processing fee of $60 ready.


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